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What to Do With the Hole in your Mobile Home Wall

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Are you thinking about repairing the hole in your mobile home dry wall that appeared recently after an accident? You need not freak out thinking about the costs of repairs, as you can do the things explained below to deal with the issue effectively and economically.

Getting Started

That first thing that you need to do is to fill all nail holes and punctures with spackling compound. Wait for the compound to get dry and hard. When the compound is dry, you may sand lightly to make the surface even. If the hole is near an electrical socket or some other outlets, you can conceal the damage by using an oversized outlet cover plate or a large outlet box. However, if the hole is large, you will need to patch the damaged area.

Patching Small Holes

If you find that the hole in the wall of your mobile home is not bigger than 2 inches, you can use fiberglass tape to repair it. Stretch the tape across the hole and then apply a few coats of spackling compound. Make sure to sand between the coats. Follow the steps explained below carefully to patch small holes in mobiles homes.


  • The first thing to do is to enlarge the hole and square it up. You need to cut a square area that is larger than the hole. You may use tools like a keyhole saw or a utility knife for the job.
  • Now you need to prepare the backer boards. You can cut out two backer boards so that the boards are 2-3 inches wider than the hole.
  • You can now place one of the backer boards inside the hole at the top edge. Make sure to secure the board with drywall screws to hold them in place while you are working. After that, place the second backer board inside the lower edge of the hole and secure them with screws.
  • The next step is to cut the patch to fit the hole. You can now screw the patch to the backer board and tighten them properly.
  • Apply fiberglass tape strips over the seams and cover the tape with thin coat of compound. When the compound has dried, you may sand to make the surface even and then apply two more coats. Sand the coats to make the surface smooth and even.