Exploring Contemporariness of the Scandinavian Style Prefab

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Scandinavian Style Prefab

Farfetched from the bustling cities in America and Canada, the log cabin prefabs represent the quintessential way to live life king size. If you like to know more about the best modular homes featuring wooden log, below is a quick rewind to the days past and a study on how cabin prefabs stay prominent nowadays.

Exploring the Scandinavian Connection

Many people believe that the Scandinavians who lived in the 17th century popularized the log cabin prefab homes, popularly known worldwide as the Scandinavian prefabs. Those who settled in the bygone times implemented unique features and some are evident in the placement of the kitchen hob.

Today, the image of remote cabin prefab emitting smoke from the kitchen hob is imprinted in the minds of Native Americans. Even US President Abraham Lincoln was born in a log prefab and there is an iconic site in Illinois featuring cabins dedicated to the ‘Lincoln survivors’.

The Log Cabins are Dovetailed

The retreat cabins featuring wooden logs vary in terms of size, layout, trim work on the walls, and overall design. That said, the log prefabs share one thing in common with the best modular homes, which is the dovetail assembly joining pieces of wooden log with one another until the framework join together.

It is said that the dovetail assembly type of cabin prefab adapts to other architectural frameworks on wood. The ranch-style home as well as the colonial-type modular and modern prefabs dovetail log joints and are famous styles used by modern modular home manufacturers.

Dovetailed Log Cabins are Factory Assembled

It would not be exaggerating if Scandinavian ancestors were praised for the housing trend, because many of the buyers who seek the best modular homes go after the Scandinavian styles. The benefits of cabin prefabs are straightforward; they reduce build cycles, can be customized umpteen times, and can be built using the latest assembly in climate-controlled factories.

Many modular home manufacturers are renowned for building cabin retreats by a lakeside either purposefully or as per the occupant requests. If you want to make full use of the rustic beauty of Mother Nature, consider living in a cabin retreat featuring all the latest gadgets at home.

Of course, there is nothing quite like combing the heritage with the contemporariness of living life in your own way in a prefab house. However, do remember that despite being escapades cabins are mainly for inhabitance just like the conventional stick-built homes.