General Misconceptions about Mobile Homes

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Mobile Home Misconceptions

Ever since their introduction, mobile homes have become the target of many misconceptions among the buyers. This has largely prevented many of the buyers from selecting mobile houses for sale as a living option and go for site-built ones. Many of these misconceptions have been stacked up against the durability and safety of a mobile home. However, such misconceptions are completely false as mobile homes come with excellent build quality and are constructed in compliance with strict durability and safety standards. Below are some of the common misconceptions about mobile homes and the reasons why they are false.

Weather Damage

One of the most common misconceptions that are circulating among the buyers is that mobile houses for sale are highly prone to damage in severe weather. However, this is false as mobile homes have sturdy construction features due to their factory-built nature. The specialized building process and high-quality materials used to ensure that the home is strong and durable for resisting any severe weather conditions. The set procedures involved in placing manufactured homes further ensures that the homes have a strong foundation that will resist even hurricane force winds.

Cheaper Materials

Many home buyers associate the affordability of mobile houses for sale with the use of cheap building materials. However, this isn’t true—most mobile home manufacturers utilize the highest quality materials in construction. Incorporating these materials in construction actually makes the durability and efficiency of mobile homes greater than that of conventional homes. Besides the building materials, the amenities utilized in mobile homes are also of top quality such as the custom cabinets, tiles, and molding.

Low Space

The lack of space and cramped features is another common misconception associated with mobile homes. Most homeowners often cite this lack of space when they tour around older mobile houses for sale. However, this is false too, as most new mobile homes utilize several spacious floor plans in their construction. Moreover, mobile home manufacturers now offer homes with large open spaces and ceilings with high vaults. These features put aside any misconceptions buyers may have regarding these homes.

Identical Looks

Most buyers consider that all mobile homes look alike. Yet again, one must note that mobile homes offer far greater customization than site built homes. This has enabled better diversity in the look of mobile homes. Meanwhile, mobile houses for sale allow the buyers to customize them according to any of their tastes, style, and requirements.