Top Five Design Concepts in a Modular Home

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Modular Home Design Concepts

New modular homeowners have a lot of options to choose from, even as the best modular homes trend. The attractiveness of a prefab lies on the detailed design features lying on the coffer of builders. Below are the top five modular home designs manufacturers employ these days.

The Tambo Prefab

Tambo is basically a three-bedroom design conceptualized for nuclear families. Standard Tambo gives 9-feet ceilings in general, in turn giving prefab modular homes an open feel. Inside the Tambo, there would be a large hall made specifically for hosting guests. Also, home owners can turn this hall into a living area with some indoor additions.

The Suburban Design

Even sportier is the suburban design which can be either single bedroom or for couples. What inspired the name “suburban” is the beach-like adobe on the prefab tiny house. A new modular home can be situated anywhere, maybe in the suburbs or elsewhere. The optional decking gives space to plan the décor inside a prefab.

The Pantry Home

These homes extend up to three bedrooms with dedicated space for the master bedroom. In some prefabs, the master bedroom is adjacent to the sidewalls. To give a better entry for people, the master bedroom tends to have a robe outside. Better still, the pantry home is ideal for families that grow in numbers.

The Brooklyn Prefab

There are best modular homes in Brooklyn having three bedrooms as well as one bedroom. Generally, these concepts look similar in design and have compact space. Homeowners could make the adobes into a mini nursery, a playground, or study room as per their liking. The optional verandah remains intact at 1.8 meters and is ideal for relaxing outdoors.

Energy-Efficient Homes

Owning best modular homes is an aspiration for all types of homeowners nowadays. Are you a debutant to this dwelling concept? Well, then, there is ground to be covered regarding the HUD codes and energy efficiency in the smart prefab homes. However, you can have the best energy-efficient homes in prefab housing.

Bonus: Designer Built Prefabs

Design concepts belong exclusive to modular home manufacturers. Builders custom design these homes to suit the lifestyle of the home owners, and then place them on site. Builders customize the design on best modular homes in controlled factory environments to make sure that every requirement of the owner is furnished.