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Tips for Carrying out Maintenance Works in Mobile Homes

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Mobile Home Maintenance

Mobile homes have become the preferred choice of housing for many people in the US. Due to this, their demand in the housing sector has also increased, which has resulted in more mobile home manufacturers to come up with different models and floor plans. This popularity of mobile homes is owed to the many advantages that it offers like cost effectiveness, durability, comfort, and style. However, just like conventional homes, living in a mobile home also requires a constant amount of maintenance works to extend its longevity.

Understand that the process of conducting maintenance and repairs is somewhat different from that of a traditional home. For homeowners, many of the works involved in maintaining and repairing of mobile homes require a proper knowhow of the various aspects pertaining to the building structure. Below are some helpful tips for homeowners to help them carry out routine maintenance and repair works at their home.

Proper Leveling

Determining whether the home is properly leveled is one of the crucial issues to look for in the maintenance works. Initially, the home will be leveled properly while setting up the home. However, the leveling of the home can get altered over time, which needs a proper checkup. Symptoms of an unlevel home include squeaking floors, improperly closing doors, the occurrence of cracks in ceilings and walls, etc. Yet for re-leveling the home, it is recommended to hire the services of a qualified professional.

Skirting Repairs

The skirting is a major component of mobile homes that aids in energy efficiency while also providing protection to the underside of the home. Check for any damages like holes in the skirting and repair it immediately. Applying good sealing tape on the inside and coating the hole with caulk from the outer portion of the skirting is the best way to cover small holes found on the surface.

Exterior Cleaning

Cleaning the exterior of a mobile home is especially important during the maintenance works. This is because the accumulation of dirt and debris can cause moisture buildup on the surface and can cause damages to the materials in long run. You can use a power washer to effectively wash away the dirt and molds from the surface. However, before attempting to use one, read the instructions carefully regarding their handling.

Painting the Paneling

Before paining the printed paneling, the surface requires thorough sanding and wiping. In the case of grooved paneling, consider applying joint compound and allow it to dry well. Sand the surface after drying and prime the wall. After the primer is dried, apply a fresh coat of paint.