5 Mobile Home Exterior Makeover Ideas

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Owning a mobile home allows you to enjoy plenty of benefits, which is just one reason for the immense popularity of these housing structures. If your goal in life is to live completely debt free, then building or buying a mobile home for sale will definitely help you to do so.

If you want to have a wonderful mobile home at a cheap or affordable price, then we highly recommend you to find a mobile home for sale. You can build on to this structure as your budget permits. However, if you are already living in a mobile home, then below are a few exterior makeover ideas that will bring a fresh and attractive look to your mobile home.

Add Varied Angles to your Mobile Home For Sale

One of the major differences between a conventional site-built home and a mobile home is the limit shape that mobile housing structures can have. Most of the mobile homes are limited to a rectangular shape. So, adding additional dimensions to your home will make it a lot more visually attractive.

Install a Carport

If your budget permits, then installing a carport is one of the best mobile home exterior updates that will instantly bring a fresh and new look to your mobile home. You can install the new carport over stones, grass, or even on dirt, which means that you will not have to install concrete slabs or pads for installing the carport.

Add Flower Beds

One of the major reasons why many mobile homeowners add flowerbeds to their housing structure is that flowers add so much elegance to your old home for a comparatively small price. You can use landscaping timbers, cinder blocks, bricks, or anything that resists water and holds soil.

Install a Raised Roof

If your older mobile home is in need of a new roof, then we highly recommend you to install a raised roof. Many mobile home manufacturers are ready to build a raised roof directly over the original roof of your mobile home. An added benefit of a raised roof is proper air circulation.

Install New Doors and Windows

If you are planning to do just a single makeover to your mobile home, then you should install new doors and windows to the structure rather than choosing other home makeover ideas. This is because it will instantly update the look of your mobile home on both the interior and exterior of your house.