Common Mobile Home Interior Repairs

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Mobile Home Repairs

Even the best modular homes require constant maintenance to ensure their efficiency and durability. Most of this maintenance is simple repair work carried out in both the interior and exterior of the home. It is relatively easy to do the repair work on mobile homes due to the simplicity of their construction and design. Below, we discuss some of the common repairs required in the interiors of mobile homes.


Flooring in mobile homes presents itself a host of issues to the homeowner. The most common material related to flooring is holes, soft spots, wavy floors, and unleveled floor surfaces. For such issues the most common repair option is to cover the damaged portions with matching pieces of the floor material.

This is applicable mainly for broken and spot removal on the floors. However, wavy and unleveled flooring often requires replacement of the entire material. Diagnosing and repairing them requires an experienced mobile home repair person.


Walls of mobile homes are carefully designed to prevent any leaks of water into the home. However, open windows, overflowing gutters, and roof leaks may cause water to seep into the interior of the home. It will cause moisture buildup inside the walls that leads to rotting of the materials.

Replacing the entire wall sections is one way to fix this issue. Rebuilding is also a possible option to consider, but needs the supervision of an expert contractor or repair person.


The roof is one major area of repair in mobile homes. They undergo many damages over time like holes that will cause the roof to leak. Correcting the roof is easier by removing and replacing the damaged shingles. Using roofing cement to seal the damaged area is another alternative to replacing the entire roof. This requires a follow up procedure of replacing any damaged insulation, ceiling panels and mold.


The plumbing of a mobile home often run into repairs. This can cause extensive damages to the interior of the home if left unattended for longer periods. Water leaks or damaged pipes can damage the walls and floor like a leaky roof. When purchasing mobile homes, careful inspection of the plumbing system of the home is essential to find such issues.

Electrical System

The electrical systems in mobile homes are frequently prone to repairs. These issues must be sorted out before purchasing a mobile home. Checking the outlets and ensuring the flow of sufficient amperes of current is one way. Other repairs like faulty wiring, breaker boxes need an experienced electrician to correct the issues.