Difference in Electric Service to Mobile Homes

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Electricity In Mobile Homes

If you’re considering buying used mobile houses for sale, it’s important to have an idea about the electric service to mobile homes. It is quite different from that of site-built homes. Site-built homes have electric service lines that run directly to the home, either underground or overhead. The electric meter usually resides on an exterior wall, and the main service panel somewhere inside the house. Site built homes may or may not use a distribution panel. However, the National Electric Code (NEC) requirements for mobile homes are different from that of site built homes. We highlight the main differences below.

Service Panels In Mobile Houses For Sale

In mobile houses for sale, the building code does not allow the main service panel to reside in the home. However, you must locate the panel less than 30 feet from the mobile home. Installers typically mount the main service panel on a pedestal for underground service, and on a pole for overhead service. In addition, the panel should have a rating of at least 100 amperes. The rating should not be less than that of the distribution panel the mobile home by the manufacturer.

Installing A Distribution Panel

Install the distribution panel in a location that is easily accessible, not in a bathroom or closet. In addition, as the distribution panel is a subpanel, it should have an isolated neutral terminal bar, meaning it shouldn’t be bonded to the ground. The mobile home manufacturer usually installs distribution panel, so you should be very careful while inspecting the distribution panel of the mobile home that you are planning to buy.

Due to the varying configurations of mobile home electric service, owners often leave the main service panel of their home behind when they move the home to a new location. However, you can reuse the service panel for a replacement or a new mobile home on the same location if the amperage is sufficient. In addition, you may see a main service panel that may appear to be attached to the home at first, but on close examination, you will find that the panel is actually mounted on the wall of a site built next to the mobile home.