How to Replace Mobile Home Doors

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Replacing Mobile Home Doors

Are you planning to put up your old mobile home for sale? Before putting a sign up, it will be a wise idea to finish the entire repair and maintenance works of the home, as this will help you bag a better deal. Replacing your doors is an easy renovation you can do on your mobile home to increase its resale value.

Generally, doors in a mobile home for sale are cheaply made. Replacing them with strong and sturdy doors is a benefit to you and your home’s resale value. Replacing the exterior doors of mobile homes isn’t difficult, but you may not feel confident enough to perform the job. You can seek the help of a general contractor or a mobile home manufacturer in your area. The steps to replace a door in mobile homes are explained below.

Take Measurements

The first thing to do is to measure the dimension of the door that you are planning to replace. You will need to accurately measure the dimensions of the door opening noting down the height and width of the open space keeping the door open.

Decide on the Replacement Door Model

Some standard doors on the market may not fit the doorway dimensions in your mobile home. In such cases, you have two options. The first is to buy a standard door and cut it to fit the opening if the door is bigger than the opening, and the second, increase the door opening size to accommodate the big door.

Check Height

Next, check the deck height of the mobile home for sale. Make sure that the deck is not built high enough to cover the bottom screws of the door. If it is, it will not be easy to remove the old door. In such cases, you can seek help from a service technician.

Remove Old Door

Loosen and remove all screws holding the old door in place and gently remove it from the frame. Be careful not to force the door—this can damage its siding, making it impossible to set in place.

Use Putty Tape

Now, apply putty tape around the edges of the new door and force it into the frame. Make sure to keep the door as straight as possible while forcing it into the doorframe. After placing the door in the frame, use screws to secure it in place.

Level and Secure

After you secure the door, ensure it is hung level and straight. If you find it is not, loosen the screws holding the door in place and adjust it until it is. Once the door is straight and level, you can tighten the screws again.