Hurricane Proofing your Mobile Home

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Mobile homes remain an affordable alternative living option for many people. They continue to prove their durability, with reports of minimal damages suffered from powerful weather conditions. However, that does not mean they can guarantee absolute safety in the event of a powerful hurricane. Modern mobile houses for sale are built to last a lifetime, but they are still vulnerable to extreme weather events.

Mobile homes in remote communities and isolated regions like woodlands are most vulnerable in the event of a hurricane. Modern mobile homes offer superior durability that can withstand even the strongest winds. However, it can still be dangerous for residents of mobile homes if they do not implement proper safety measures.

Below, we share a few tips to help you ensure the safety of yourself and your mobile home in the event of a hurricane.

Proper Anchorage

Having a proper tie down or anchorage to the ground is the most fundamental defense of a mobile home against a hurricane. They ensure that the home remains firmly cemented to the ground, which ensures that it stays rigid in the event of high winds.

The presence of faulty or unstable anchors can affect the home badly in case of hurricanes. The characteristic nature of high-speed hurricanes can lift the house and hurl it that badly damages the house beyond restoration.

Use steel anchors and fix them firmly in depths of 4 to 5 feet in the ground. Besides that, make sure the soil is not too loose that otherwise ensures improper anchorage. In fact, the law has now made it mandatory for all mobile houses for sale to have proper anchoring to the ground to ensure safety in high winds.

Mobile Houses For Sale

There are many ways to prepare a mobile home to minimize damage and casualties. Never store heavy objects on high shelves, and always fasten the furniture to the wall using metal brackets. Properly affix or anchor the roof and siding to help it hold fast in powerful winds.

If time permits, board up windows to minimize damage to the interior. Moreover, be sure to disconnect all electrical connections prior to the hurricane.

Installing Hurricane Resistant Features

Asphalt shingles, impact resistant windows, roofing reinforcement, hurricane shutters, and storm panels are valuable additions for mobile homes in hurricane prone areas. Before attempting them, it is recommended to consult with an expert, identify the proper risks and implement the necessary preventive measure for your mobile home.