Installing Roof Mount Solar Panels in Mobile Homes

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Installing Roof Mount Solar Panels

Roof solar panels have become one of the most popular tools to harness sunlight. Experts say that most of the roof solar panels can last for about twenty-five years and provide great returns on your investment. These panels are very easy to install and can be used in mobile homes to meet the electricity requirements. Additionally, installing roof solar panels on a mobile home for sale can improve its resale value. The steps to install roof mount solar panels to mobile homes are discussed below.

Inspect Roof

You need to inspect the roofing of the mobile home to find a suitable place where you can install the panel. As a general rule, you need to make sure that the angle of installation is equal to the latitude of the location, plus fifteen degrees in winter months, and minus fifteen degrees in summer months. You can make use of a GPS system to know the latitudes of your place.

Assemble Roof Mounting Frame

After finding the location to install the panel, you need to assemble the mounting frame. You can assemble the mounting frame on the ground and then lift it up to the roofing. If you are doing the installation alone, it will be good to assemble the frame on the roof itself. While setting the frame on the roof, make sure that you leave about six inches of space between the frame and the roof. You can use heavy-duty steel bolts to secure it on the roof.

Install Solar Panel

After installing the mounting frame, you need to bring the panels up to the roof. It will be a good idea to keep the panels inside the packaging, as it can help prevent any damages to the panel while bringing the panels to the top of the roof.

You can now assemble the panels following the instructions that are provides in the manual. Once the installation is finished, you can finish the wiring. Make sure to check the wiring again and then test the panel to check if everything is working fine.

These are the steps to install a roof mount solar panel in a mobile home for sale. If you are not confident with any of the steps that are explained above, you may seek help of a general contractor to do the job for you.