Manufactured Home Types Based on Size

Mobile Home For Sale
Mobile Home Types

A manufactured home is a home that builders construct off site and then move to the living location. These homes will have a chassis, usually made from steel, to ensure their mobility. In the United States, manufactured homes for sale are also known as mobile homes for sale, as they retain their mobility even after their installation. However, owners seldom move these homes after the initial installation at their living location.

Some manufactured homes do not look like the traditional mobile homes that come to mind when we hear the term. There are mainly three categories of manufactured homes, based on their size and look. These categories are single wide, double wide, and triple wide homes.

Single Wide Manufactured Homes

Single wide manufactured homes for sale are what come to mind when one hears the words mobile homes for sale. This is the smallest of the three types of manufactured home, and measures eighteen feet or less in width and ninety feet or less in length.

A truck can easily tow a single wide home to its destination. Due to the small size of these homes, they are the easiest of the three to move after their initial installation process.

Double Wide Manufactured Homes

This is the second type of mobile home, and it measures at least twenty feet in width and ninety feet in length. Double wide manufactured homes consist of two individual units. Transportation crews carry both units to the location on flat bed trailers, and join them together at the destination.

Owners of double wide mobile homes very rarely move them from the installation site, as they are difficult to disassemble, transport, and reassemble.

Triple Wide Manufactured Homes

This is the third category of manufactured home. A triple wide manufactured home consists of at least three units. Crews transport these units separately and then assemble them at the destination. These are the largest manufactured homes on the modern market. In fact, from the street, it is difficult to distinguish triple wide manufactured homes from site-built homes.

Triple wide manufactured homes may feature varying and asymmetrical floor plans, and you have a lot of customizing options when it comes to this type of manufactured homes.