Mobile Home Parks Vs RV Parks

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Prospective homeowners need to consider a number of factors when they are planning to buy mobile homes. Most of the mobile home manufacturers in the country advise their customers to locate their mobile homes inside a mobile home park, as it will significantly increase the value of the mobile home.

However, many homeowners have the misconception that buying a home in a mobile home park and renting a lot in an RV park is the same thing. The reality is that both are completely different things. Here are a few things that will help you realize why buying a mobile home inside a park is different from renting a lot inside an RV Park.

Length of Stay

Most mobile homeowners prefer to stay inside the mobile home park where the home is located, unless they sell their house. Even though they are capable of moving their mobile home to another location, they prefer not to do so because of the convenience and benefits offered by mobile home parks.

On the other hand, most of the RV owners reside in mobile home parks only for a couple of weeks or less. This means that RV owners will not be able to enjoy the benefits of living in a mobile home community, as the length of their stay is limited.

Ease of Movement

If you want to move your mobile home that is currently situated in a mobile home community, it is certain that it will cost you a few thousand dollars. This can be the reason why many mobile homeowners choose not to move their house.

However, some mobile homeowners prefer to do this as they believe that moving their home to another location will increase the value of their house, which is in fact true. In the case of RV owners, they can easily move their RV and set it up at another place.


If you fail to pay the rent of your mobile home or if you cause any other issues in the community, you will probably have the risk of eviction. However, you may go to court for resolving the issue but this could take time.

On the other hand, most of the RV park managers insist RV owners to pay their rent in advance. In addition, the manager can also remove you from his/her property whenever they please.