Need for Mobile Home Skirting Ventilation

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Mobile Home Skirting Ventilation

Skirting is an important part of any mobile home and the ventilation of the crawl space under the mobile home is very important, as lack of proper ventilation can lead to many issues like floor framing wood rot, mold growth and warped floor boards. Skirting is necessary in mobile homes to keep away rodents and other nuisances from getting under the home, as well as for loan approvals because mortgage lenders need the home to be skirted as a prerequisite for loans.

It is important to ensure proper airflow through the skirting, as this will help to carry away the moisture that is rising from the soil under the house. As per the standards, one square inch of ventilation opening should be provided for each square feet of floor space. You can have those skirting with ventilation holes available in the market, or go for solid derivative skirting like rock or brick and then cut in the necessary ventilation holes.

After providing the proper ventilation to your mobile home, make sure that the ventilation openings are distributed evenly on all the four sides of the home. Having holes placed at regular intervals on all four sides of the home is important to offer cross ventilation airflow. In addition, make sure to place a vent within three feet of all the corners of the home. Doing this will help you to prevent formation of dead air pockets in the corners.

Providing proper skirting ventilation is important to ensure that the underside of manufactured and mobile homes is dry. However, you should also look for some other potential issues to keep the underside of your mobile home dry and secure.

  • Look for cloth dryer vents that are terminating under the home, as these vents can increase the humidity levels under the home dramatically.
  • Look for tears in belly board. This is the plastic sheet used to seal the underside of mobile and manufactured homes. Tears in the belly wrap or belly board of the home will leave it open to moisture intrusion.
  • Look for any plumbing leaks, as these leaks can lead to moisture build up under the home. If the leak is big it will make a quick mess and will be easily noticed, but the small pinhole leaks may go unnoticed and lead to many issues in the future.