Remodeling a Mobile Home Bathroom

Remodeling the bathroom of your mobile home needs considerations, that might not be common to the conventional home remodeling projects. When you are remodeling a room in your mobile home, you will not have many options in terms of room layout and fixtures. In addition, bathrooms of mobile homes are small, so you will need to focus the remodeling job on space saving also.

If you have proper knowledge of the same, you will be able to do a fascinating mobile home bathroom remodeling on your own. The steps that are involved in professional remodeling of mobile home bathrooms are explained below.


  • Making use of an electronic stud finder, locate all the structural studs. Unlike the conventional homes, studs may not always be spaced along the standard sixteen-inch intervals in mobile homes. After locating all the studs, you need to mark the positions of the stud using chalk, pencil, or some other marker that is easily removable.
  • Install fixtures into the studs. Towel racks, toilet paper holder, soap rack, and all other fixtures should be oriented around the studs. As the walls of mobile homes are thinner than that of conventional homes, they cannot accommodate the plastic screw anchors, meaning that you cannot screw directly to the wall of the mobile home, but will need to use a stud.
  • You may consider installing a shallow medicine cabinet that can be used as an extra storage space. The walls of mobile homes are not thick enough to accommodate the standard four-inch cabinet, so you should use a shallow medicine cabinet that is one or two inches deep.
  • Now you may paint the walls of the mobile home bathroom as per your taste. Ensure that you apply primer before painting, as many of the mobile homes have paneled walls in place of dry walls. Paneled walls of mobile homes will have a glossy finish and need to be primed before a fresh coat of paint is applied.
  • Consider installing a new sink, if it is within your budget. You may choose a sink with a shallow bowl because it will allow for more storage under it. Besides, this will not only help you maximize the overall space utilization inside the bathroom, but also help to get rid of the clutter that would otherwise rest on top of the sink.