Yearly Maintenance Tips for your Mobile Home

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Mobile homes have become quickly popular in the housing industry ever since its introduction. They remain a viable alternative to conventional homes by having many advantages like affordability and flexibility, while also offering a worry-free living. To enjoy some of these advantages provided by mobile homes for sale, it is equally important to ensure proper maintenance.

Some of the critical maintenance works need to be undertaken yearly to ensure the longevity and efficiency of the home. The following is a list of the yearly maintenance works to consider in order to keep your mobile home in perfect condition.

Check the Leveling

A mobile home needs leveling each year to compensate for the natural settling of the ground beneath, that can make the home less stable. There are few things to consider to make sure that your mobile home needs a proper leveling. Improperly closing doors and windows are the first sign of level differences. Cracks in between the doors, windows, walls, and ceilings are other common signs that leveling is required for your home.

Inspect the Roof

Most mobile homes come with metal roofs, which may supplement you with some false beliefs that it is maintenance free. However, it can deteriorate over time with the changing weather conditions and it needs a proper inspection and maintenance. Lack of proper maintenance can result in many of the insurance claims denied by the providers. So inspect the roof for any issues like corrosion, cracks, etc., once a year, and apply the necessary repairs.

Drain the Water Heater

Sediments accumulated at the bottom of the tank over time can result in corrosion and badly affect the heater’s performance. Your mobile home’s water heater requires periodic maintenance every 6 months, and you should drain the water heater during that time. Turn off the electricity when draining the heater and connect a hose to drain the water outside the home. Open the valve to let the air in to drain the water completely.

Test the Window Sealant

This is specifically applicable for mobile homes that contains Aluminum siding. It is highly important to check the window sealing’s for any leaks. If so, sufficiently apply the sealants in case of air leaks from the windows. Checking for weak sealants in the windows is easy, as it appears more brittle and cracked. Such sealant needs reseal immediately.

Seek Professional Help

At the end of every year, it is imperative to rely on a professional to inspect your mobile home. The professional home inspection should cover all aspects of your home. Annually doing this inspection will certainly prove beneficial in the end.