5 Home Renovation Ideas to Bring a Fresh Look to your Mobile Home

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Home Renovation Ideas

Mobile homes are one of the most affordable housing options available to American citizens. This has driven many of them to build a mobile home rather than settling for a conventional, site-built home. However, many customers are afraid to choose mobile homes because they hold the misconception that all mobile homes look exactly alike. In reality, almost all mobile home manufacturers strive make their products unique from other structures. In addition to that, you can also add a few extra additions to your mobile home to make it look unique and attractive.

Updating your mobile home is an excellent way to give to a personal touch and it also helps you to increase the value of your mobile home. Below are a few most common mobile home renovation ideas, which will help you to remodel your house on a budget.

Paint the Wood Paneling

Painting the wood paneling of your mobile home with a matching color will certainly bring a bright look to your factory-built home. However, if you are happy with the color of your wood paneling, then applying some grease to it will make it a lot brighter and attractive.

Update the Fixtures

Replacing the fixtures of your home such as handles, faucets, and doorknobs will bring a modern look to your mobile home. However, make sure that the fixtures are suitable for your mobile home before incorporating them into the structure.

Remove Walls

One of the major advantages of mobile homes is that there are usually no load bearing beams or walls. This means that you can easily remove the walls from your mobile home to gain some extra space. Remodeling the interior of your mobile home will bring a fresh look to your home, but make sure to confirm with your mobile home manufacturers that removing a wall will not hurt the structure.

Confront Ceiling Issues

It is a fact that the ceiling of your mobile home can be a little bit problematic. This is because the roofs of most mobile home are flat and it allows water to get collected in certain places. The collected water will eventually drip down to the ceiling and it will cause water damages to the structure. You can effectively solve the issue by properly maintaining and repairing the ceiling.

Add a Screened-In Porch

Adding a screened-in porch is one of best mobile home renovation ideas. They offer a place to host outdoor events and parts and also provide an added living space to your mobile home. Besides that, it will also make your mobile home a lot more unique.