Common Types of Mobile Home Door Locks

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When it comes to securing your mobile home’s doors, there are a number of different types of locks available. Most of these differ from one another in size, design, strength, reliability, mechanism of operation, and price. Some types of mobile home door locks come with knobs, while others come with handles. Mobile home manufacturers do their best to ship their homes well-secured, but with a little effort you can do much better.

The type of mobile home door lock you choose will have a significant impact on the security of your manufactured home. So, you must do a lit bit of research and consult with experienced mobile home manufacturers to find the best home door locks for your manufactured home. Some of the most popular types of mobile home door locks available in market are as follows.

Deadbolt Locks

Mobile home manufacturers often refer to deadbolt locks as “dead” because they do not have a springing mechanism. Two major types of deadbolt mobile home door locks available in the market are single-cylinder and double-cylinder deadbolts. Where the former operates by using a key only from the exterior of the door, the latter uses a key from both sides of the door.

Mortise Locks

Mortise locks are the most popular type of mobile home door locks and they offer higher security to the front doors of mobile homes. Most of the modern mortise locks come with a latch and a deadbolt and they usually operate by turning the key or knob from either side of the door.

Cylindrical Door Locks

Most of the cylindrical door locks have a shorter plate when compared to mortise mobile home door locks. In addition to that, modern cylindrical door locks also lack a deadbolt. However, homeowners will still be able to install an independent deadbolt lock as reinforcement.

Privacy Locksets

Privacy locksets are the most suitable choice for interior doors of your mobile home. They offer more privacy than security to home owners. They are also available in a wide variety of patterns, sizes, designs, and strengths. However, remember that they are not the perfect choice to improve the security of your mobile home.

Keyless Entry System Digital/Electronic Locks

There are many different types of keyless entry systems available to mobile home owners. These types of locks do not require a key to open, but they can be a little bit expensive. They usually operate via remote control, audio detection, fingerprint entry, or password combinations.