Essential Tips for Conducting Maintenance Works in Mobile Homes

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Conducting Maintenance Works

Ever since their introduction in the later decades of the twentieth century, mobile homes have become the preferred choice for living among many people across the country. This surge in demand for a convenient housing option has led to the introduction of small mobile homes by many different mobile home manufacturers. They offer various unique advantages that are typically absent in conventional site-built homes like affordability, durability, energy efficiency, and increased customization options. Due to this, purchasing a mobile home for sale from reputable mobile home manufacturers is one of the most suitable and cost-effective means to acquire a good and comfortable housing option.

The amount spent while procuring any mobile houses for sale is much lesser per square foot than it would be for a conventional site-built home. Moreover, this increased cost savings comes hand in hand with superior comfort levels, appeal, style, and exceptional living standards. For most small manufactured homes, sustaining the condition of the home is highly important to keep the home in tip-top condition and in sustaining the benefits offered by the home for a lifetime.

Optimizing the home to its best condition is especially the case with any mobile home interior, which is subjected to regular wear and tear. This applies to the exteriors as well and is carried out while undertaking any major mobile home makeover works. However, the process of maintaining, repairing, and decorating mobile homes is a bit different in this regard.

Routine maintenance tasks are vital for up keeping the functionality and efficiency offered by the home. For the homeowner, there are several do-it-yourself methods available at their disposal. Some of the tips mentioned below will certainly be of assistance to any homeowner for the purpose of maintenance, repairs, and decoration of their small mobile homes.

Proper Leveling

One of the key maintenance tasks to undertake in mobile homes is to determine whether the home is properly leveled or not. While placing the home on the location site, most mobile home manufacturers will carry out accurate leveling. However, this leveling of the home can get unstable over time and could require a major adjustment.

The notable symptoms of improper leveling are mostly visible in the mobile home interior. This includes failure among doors to open and close properly, unfitting windows, squeaking floors, and cracks on the walls and ceilings. When confronted with such issues, it is best to rely on the assistance of a professional home repair technician or utilize any reliable repair kits available in the market.

Skirting Repairs

The skirting is one of the major components in all small mobile homes. They serve the key roles of ensuring the energy efficiency and the protection of the underbelly of the home. Most homeowners consider replacing of the entire skirting while carrying out any important remodeling works relating to new mobile homes ideas.

Common skirting repairs found in small mobile homes are the presence of holes in the surface. These must be immediately patched up for protecting the material from further damage. While purchasing a mobile home for sale, such repairs on the skirting need to be undertaken beforehand. For repairing this, use tape and apply it on the inside of the material and then use caulk to coat the skirting from the outside. Afterward, make use of a paint scrapper for smoothening, and allow it to dry before sanding.

Exterior Cleaning

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Mobile Home Exterior Cleaning

Cleaning the exterior remains a top priority while doing any major mobile home makeover works. For this purpose, it is best to hire or purchase a power washer for quickly cleaning the external surfaces of the home. Most mobile home manufacturers issue certain guidelines relating to the use of power washers for cleaning. This is because the high-pressure jet of water can sometimes damage the delicate materials of the home exterior.

It is best to use a scrubber or sponge attached to an extension handle when cleaning the siding materials in small mobile homes that are prone to damage from power washers. While purchasing any new mobile houses for sale, the homeowners need to ensure that the exterior surface is cleaned well using any of the above-mentioned methods. Doing so will prevent the buildup of dirt and debris on the exterior materials, thereby avoiding any potential causes of moisture buildup and damage.

Dealing with Water Stains

The presence of water stains can cause significant damage to the mobile home interior. Removing them is difficult and often requires the use of stain camouflaging materials for covering the stains without removing them. Water stains will accumulate on both the exterior and the interior surface of small mobile homes over time. Stain blocking primer is the best material available for patching up any of the stains in the ceilings.

Choose quick drying formulas and colors that are muted white, which is effective in covering the ceilings from the stains without causing any discoloration. If the color difference persists after the application of the stain sealer, prime the entire ceiling surface and apply the painting for enhancing the look of the mobile home interior.

Paneling and Painting

Mobile home manufacturers often install printed paneling in the interiors of the home for enhancing the appeal. However, when painting the paneling the surface requires adequate sanding and wiping to clear any residues. Most of the older mobile homes for sale consist of grooved paneling. When purchasing such homes, apply a joint compound within each of the groove and coat the second application after it is dried well. Then sand over the compound and walls after the second coat dries up completely. Before applying paint, it is recommended to wipe away the sanding residue and then apply primer on the entire wall.

Home Improvement Materials

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Dealing With Water Stains

In large-scale mobile home makeover projects, the requirement of the appropriate home improvement materials is highly necessary. This is mainly because the materials used in a mobile home interior differ significantly than those employed in a conventional home. While selecting the materials for carrying out any improvements in the home, make sure to select the right one for your manufactured home, as they are more difficult to replace once they are installed in the interiors.


While selecting the necessary fixtures for your home, it is highly important to ensure that they are designed for use in small mobile homes. This includes selecting the right fixtures for the mobile home interior as well. Most of the mobile houses for sale offered by different mobile home manufacturers consist of outdated fixtures that require replacement. For replacing the fixtures, it is better to remove the older ones for taking accurate measurements. To replace the fixtures, special screws, nuts, and power tools are required.

Corner Tubs and Shower Curtains

Most of the small mobile homes contain a shower tub in the bathrooms. A shower curtain is required for enhancing the appeal of the entire bathroom. They are available in the standard size of 72 x 72” as well as in many other sizes. Taking the measurements of the corner tub is the best way when purchasing curtains larger than the standard size. It is also good to create a custom shower curtain for covering the shower tub when doing a major mobile home makeover.