Five Flexible Factory Manufactured Home Styles

Mobile Home Manufacturers
Factory Manufactured Home Styles

Mobile home manufacturers style the factory-made dwelling in more ways than one; customized to be precise. No matter you club a home with a property or lease the manufactured home, the below styles offer flexibility to the dwelling. The flexible styles mentioned here can also be used in either a modular home or a manufactured home layout.

The Cabin Style

The lake style homes built in the wilderness often resemble the look of log cabins. Most of the mobile home manufacturers tend to provide homes that look tiny on paper, on a lake lot or in a forest. Besides, the Cabin style mobile home gets assembled in a much faster pace.

The Cape Cod Style

This style of home is usually a single and a half story home without or with optional dormers. In fact, the Cape Cod modular home is replete with design features such as a split door having windowsill at the front. The Cape Cod design is also ideal in townships or the suburbs.

The Rambler Style

Rambler homes can be built by the mobile home manufacturers or a prefab builder. A single story rambler home gives homeowners room to play with and comfortable living spaces. The Rambler style is affordable than larger layouts found in a factory-made home.

The Loft Style

It is said that the customizable lakeside home provides living privacy. The Loft style modular home has multiple stories in general, and the home is placed on a foundation with customizable exterior and adobes. However, the Loft style is not used that much in the mobile home for sale market.

Doublewide vs. Two-Story Home

If you want a better layout and have sufficient land to assemble it, build a doublewide home. Such types of homes feature two wide living units put adjacent sideways. Even if budget permitted, but you do not have sufficient land, you can build up with a two-story home as an alternative to a doublewide.

The customizable modular home and the manufactured home are up for grabs to everyone. Homeowners demand multiple layouts given by mobile home manufacturers. If you own a land and hoard cash, you can assemble one in your own manufactured style on the property.