Steps to Install Recessed Lighting in Mobile Homes

Mobile Home Manufacturers
Installing Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is one of the most sought after lighting methods utilized in mobile homes today. They offer far more benefits than using traditional lighting and can effectively illuminate the interiors of the home. Due to this, most mobile home manufacturers are now turning to recessed lighting in their mobile homes.

Recessed lighting is available in numerous housing and trim options to choose from, and they can easily meet the requirement of any home. Contractors install recessed lighting into the ceilings and follow a different procedure to set it up. Below are the steps to install recessed lighting in mobile homes.

Choosing the Fixture

There are numerous fixture options available for recessed lighting. The type of fixture contractors use depends on the location in which they install it. Recessed lighting is available in two basic types, new construction and remodel lighting. Mobile home manufacturers prefer new construction model when there is sufficient attic space. On the other hand, remodel lighting type is best if there is no access to the attic.

The trims are also available with different options. Designers classify trims by design and functionality, such as reflector, adjustable, and baffler trim. Select one that suits your requirements.

Choosing a Location and Cutting Out

Select a location for installing the recessed lighting in your home. Before that, it is imperative the entire electrical supply is turned off in the home. Look for locations that are free of any ceiling joists or any other obstructions. Utilize the template offered with the newly purchased fixture for drawing and outline onto the ceiling. Use a drywall saw or hole cutting saw to effectively cut out the ceiling.

Installing the Wiring

Install the wiring to the recessed lighting by linking the cables between the power source and the switch box of the newly cut hole. Allow 1½ feet of cable to hang down from the home and connect the junction box to the cable. Wire all the colored wires together and use wiring connectors for capping the connections.

Outer Housing Installation

Affix the outer housing of the lighting into the cut out hole and fasten it using the clips or screws supplied by the manufacturer. Properly tighten the housing in its place for fastening it effectively for supporting the bulb.

Installing the Body

Screw in the light bulb and put in the light body and the trim into the housing. Do the same process for all the other fixtures installed on the ceiling. mobile home manufacturers recommend testing one light fixture first, by putting the power supply back on, and  then install the others when everything is ok.